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India’s 1st Restaurant Delivery Robot, Deliver the meal to the guest’s designated table, then explain the restaurant information, The robot can deliver different meals to different tables, It can play advertising information such as audio, pictures, video etc. Robot has good interaction with guest and has a fun talk, can answer any of any question for guest.


Product Features
Operation System Android 6.0
Software Upgrade Remote Upgrade, Graphical User Interface
Operation Method Touch Screen/Remote Control/Voice/Tablet/Phone


Safety Functions
Emergency Stop button Press the button to stop the working robot immediately
Detection of obstacle avoidance Real-time monitoring of obstacles in front of the robot, measuring a distance of 80 cm
Pedestrian detection Real-time monitoring of no one passing by, someone coming to say hello
Self-Balance Heavy chassis make a good balance


Connectivity and Cloud
Speakers-HT Dual speaker
Networks Wifi / 4G
Bluetooth Yes


Camera Specs-HT Two million pixels


Screen Size 10.1 inches,Hd color LCD screen
Screen Resolution 1920*1080 FULLHD
Screen Type 10 touch screen, capacitance


Body , Weight & Dimensions
Dimensions (mm) 160cm Height


Microphones-HT Four mic arrays, reduce noise


Battery Technology Lithium Polymer Battery
Battery Voltage 24V 15AH
Battery Life 9hrs

Important Features

1) Accurate guiding and ushering.
2) Autonomous navigation and positioning.
3) Mapping and path planning.
4) Automatic obstacle avoidance.
5) Dedicated work, relentlessly and wholeheartedly.
6) Long working hours.
7) Never asked for salaries and allowances
8) Reduce costs of labor and management
9) Attract more eye catches
10) Increase customer interactions and experiences.
11) Low capital investment
12) Increase the working efficiency
13) Promote the social marketing of the business.
14) Never pay salaries.


Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please call or write to us in case you would like to be doubly sure. For material which is not as per specifications, full refund is possible within 3 days of delivery or free replacement is available within 30 days of purchase.


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