AguaBot 21- Floor Mopping Robot

49,990.00 including 18% GST

India’s 1st wet floor mopping robot designed for all hard floors, VSLAM Technology + Gyro Mapping, Unique Dual Water Tank, 4-way cleaning system, 3 Cleaning modes, Powerful Japanese Nidec Brushless Motor, 1500pa suction power, Anti-Collision & Anti-Dropping, 90 min Non-stop cleaning, 2900mAh lithium battery, self-preservation and self-diagnostic, Smart App & Remote Control.



  • India’s first wet floor mopping robot designed for all kinds of hard floors.
  • AguaBot 21 uses VSLAM technology to follow the best possible cleaning path on its own.
  • Equipped with an 850ml clean water tank and a 900ml sewage tank, with an isolation design, clean water is used for washing the floor, and the sewage is recycled to prevent secondary pollution.
  • The AguaBot 21 cleans the floor in 4 steps: spray, scrub, suction and scrape, leaving your floor dry within 1 min.
  • It can be remotely controlled by App to adjust the water outlet speed, adjust the drum speed, and see the cleaning path diagram.
  • 2900mAh large-capacity lithium battery, fully charged, can last for 120 minutes.
  • 3 Cleaning Modes for Different Needs.
  • Suitable for multiple Hard Floors i.e. Tile, Concrete, Glass, Wooden and other kinds of hard floor.
  • Powerful Japanese Nidec Brushless Motor.
  • User-friendly Handle, the robot can be easily moved to the cleaning area or charging dock.
  • Equipped with the whole set of terrain detection sensors, Robot autonomously handles the cleaning tasks without accidental bumping or dropping.
  • It has a multifunction panel to select cleaning mode, on and off switch, water tank level and battery level and voice alert.
  • Robotic Self Preservation
  • Robotic 6th Sense Self Diagnosis
  • Anti-Fall Sensors
  • Anti Collision Sensors
  • Anti Slip Tyres
  • Warranty – 12 months warranty on the Robot


Robotic Software Generation
Software Generation Milagrow 9.01 Software Generation
Mapping Technology
Image Mapping Uses Visual Simultaneous Localization And Mapping, or VSLAM for short, in the process robot creates a map and navigates the environment while using the map it generates. VSLAM is an advanced technique behind robot mapping. VSLAM is a method to help robots map areas and find their way accuratley and effectivley. While moving around in an environment, robots uses slam generated maps and becomes more efficient with each useage, especially when they operate indoors.
Real-Time Path Planning Calculates most efficient method and route to mop & clean the floor
Area Cleaned Display Displays Cleaned and Left out area on Mobile App
Move from One Room to Another After cleaning one area the robot will go to another area, without assistance
Zoning and Sequential Cleaning Yes
Live Display on Mobile AguaBot-21 will display the real time cleaning progress on your device and remember the cleaned vs uncleaned areas and update it in real time
Air Purification & Healthcare Functions
Covid Spore & other Viruses  Removal from Floor The fresh water water tank can take 1% sodium hydrochlorite solution, as per ICMR guidelines which kills the virus spores on the floor and helps disinfect it.
Wet and Dry Cleaning AguaBot 21 comes with 2 water tanks. It’s 850 ml clean water tank can accommodate 1% Sodium Hypochlorite solution to give a hygiene clean experience and its 900 ml dirty water tank ensures that all dirty water is soaked and vacuumed inside to give a sparking cleaning finish to your hard floor.
Pressure Mopping 5 Pascal
Robotic 6th Sense
Real Time Map Building Technology VSLAM navigation provides better pathplanning, mapping and better cleaning effect. Robot has the memory to resume from where it was interrupted due to lack of clean water or battery recharge reason.
Robotic Wi-Fi Control Yes
Robotic Remote Management Iconic-easy to use interface enables you to manage the robot from anywhere, anytime via a Mobile Internet Device.
Robotic Water Tank for Wet Cleaning Yes
Robotic Stair and Fall Sensor Yes
Robotic Obstacle and Optical Sensor Yes
Robotic Self Diagnosis Yes
Robotic Accelerometer Sensor Speed Adjustor
Robotic Gyro Sensor Yes
Robotic Extra Dirt Sensor No
Robotic Virtual Wall No
Robotic Self Charging No
Robotic Voice Prompts Yes
Software Upgrade Over the Air
Robotic Cloud Storage Yes
Robotic Laser Sensor (LDS) vSLAM
Robotic Bumper Sensors Yes
Robotic Distance Sensor Yes
Robotic Cliff Sensors Yes
Robotic Manoeuvres in small areas Yes
Robotic Wall Sensor Yes
Total Number of Sensors 12 Accurate Sensors
Cleaning Functions & Performance
Wet Cleaning AguaBot 21 comes with 2 water tanks. It’s 850 ml clean water tank can accommodate 1% Sodium Hypochlorite solution to give a hygiene clean experience and its 900 ml dirty water tank ensures that all dirty water is soaked and vacuumed inside to give a sparking cleaning finish to your hard floor.
Water Tank for Wet Cleaning Yes with 2 Water tanks. One for clean water and one for sewage water
Quad Brush Cleaning System Roller Cleaning System
Anti Slip Tyres 16 mm width
One Time Full Go (minutes) Upto 60-90 m depends upon the environment
Doorsill crossing & Carpet Climbing Ability Yes
Climb Capability 18 mm
Suction Power Japanese NIDEC Brushless motor, which has 1500Pa suction power, maximizes the cleaning power with the main brush
Pet Hair Removal No
Working Speed (meters / second) 0.2 m/s
Main Brush Cleaning Width mm 200 mm
Turbo Suction 2 modes normal, spot from 900pa to 1500pa
Number of Side Brushes Roller Cleaning System
Types of Cleaning Wet vacuuming and mopping
Cleaning Algorithms & Modes
Cleaning Modes 4 Cleaning Modes, Path, Spot, Edge and Area
Edge to Edge and Wall Cleaning Yes
Automatic Double Cleaning In Spot
S Shape Live path cleaning
Turbo Mode 2 modes normal, spot from 900pa to 1500pa
Spot Cleaning This mode entails an option to apply a one-time or square cleaning area by drawing a zone on the mobile app.
Pressure Mopping 5 Pascal
Cleaning Surfaces
Smooth Tiles Cleaning Yes
Flat Carpet Cleaning No
Hard Floor Cleaning Yes
Wood Floor Cleaning Yes
Glass Floor Cleaning Yes
Marble Floor Cleaning Yes
Linoleum Floor Cleaning Yes
Slippery Tile Yes
Short Hair Carpet Cleaning No
AI, IOT & Wi-Fi Controls
Mobile app Yes
Scheduling over Wi-Fi No
Robot Hotspot Yes
AI Automation and Scenario Yes
Multiple Robots Control You can control multiple robots of AguaBot 21 from single mobile device, in the same app and thereby divide a large cleaning area between multiple units.
Self Preservation & Diagnosis
Low Battery Yes
Fall Sensor Blocked Yes
Wall Sensor Failing Yes
Front Bumper Stuck Yes
Wheel Stuck Yes
Wheel Lifted Yes
Suction Blocked Yes
Main Brush Stuck Yes
Side Brush Stuck No
Battery Connection Yes
Not Charging Yes
Vacuum Motor Overloaded Yes
Battery Overheating Yes
Robot Detects Error and Sends to Mobile Yes, The AguaBot 21 detects the faults the real time and shows on the mobile making is easier for solutions and repair.
Additional Specifications
Floor Robot Noise Level (db) Can be as low as 60 db
Floor Robot LED Display Yes
Floor Robot Button Type Capacitive
Floor Robot Rated Power 25W
Floor Robot Average Power 25W-29W
Floor Robot Input Voltage 100-240V, 50/60 Hz, 24 V through charging station
Floor Robot Output Voltage DC 14.8 V, 630 ma
Floor Robot Height (mm) 135 mm
Floor Robot Base Clearance (mm) 15 mm
Floor Robot Total Height (mm) 150 mm
Floor Robot Diameter (mm) 350 mm
Floor Robot Dimensions (W*H) mm 350×150
Floor Robot Net Weight (Kg) 3.3 Kg
Floor Robot Temperature Range (-)10 to 45 C
Floor Robot Humidity Range Less Than 90 H
Floor Robot Colour Black and Bright Silver
Floor Robot Top Surface Finish Black and Bright Silver
Floor Robot Material ABS, PC, PA6
DustBin & Water Tank
Main DustBin Size 950 Ml
Dustbin Type Tank type
Primary Filter Nylon & Sponge double layered
Water Tank Wet Cleaning 2 water tanks. One for clean water and one for sewage water.
Docking Station Specifications
Charging Dock Range (Meters) Manual Charging, since it’s a wet cleaning robot. It prevents hazards
Docking Station Dimension LXWXH 350x360x225 mm
Input Voltage DC 20 V, 50/60 Hz
Temperature Range (-)10 to 45 C
Max Working Time (Min) 60-90 minutes
Max Coverage upon full battery 200 Square meter * T&C apply
Battery Technology Lithium ion
Battery Voltage 14.8 V
Time for Full Charge (hours) 5 hours
Battery capacity 2900 mAh
Remote Control
Remote type IR
Remote Control Range 30ft
AC Adapter Specifications
Unit Average Power 25W-29W
Input 100-240V,50-60Hz
Output DC 24V/1800mA
Charging Dock Manual Charging
Rechargeable Battery Pack Installed
Water Tank Yes 2
Charger Yes
Cleaning Brush Main Roller + 1 Extra Roller
Instruction Manual Yes
Main Dustbin Installed
Inside Packing Paper Mache
Gift Box With Varnish or Plain Gift Box
Box Dimensions (HxWXD) 220x430x138 mm
Gross Weight Box (kg) 4.5 Kg
Certification CE(LVD,EMC) & Rohs
Product Warranty
Robot Warranty 12 months warranty on the Robot.

In the Box

  • Main Robot
  • Charging Dock
  • Adapter
  • Cleaning tool
  • Remote Control
  • User Manual


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