Window Seagull 23

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World’s Leading Robotic Window Cleaner which can clean frameless as well as framed glass, Cleans 3X Better, Artificially intelligent path planning: N, Z & N+Z pattern, 360 deg. Movement for all-around cleaning, 3 stage cleaning: Wipe, Mop, Wipe, Best for indoor & outdoor window cleaning, Strong suction: 3000 pa can hold 6 kg weight, Can clean heights of 45 feet.



  • World’s Leading Robotic Window Cleaner which can clean frameless as well as framed glass.
  • Two times faster than our earlier Window Robot.
  • 360 deg. Movement for all-around cleaning.
  • Strong suction: 3000 pa can hold 6 kg weight.
  • Automatic navigation path planning.
  • Wireless remote control.
  • High quality, 4 sided microfiber mop.
  • Return to starting point automatically.
  • Single-Side Cleaning gently cleanses with a glass thickness of 5 mm and more
  • Infrared sensors detect the edges of window frames, as well as the size of the surface to be cleaned, at the same time a sensor analyzes the air pressure device.
  • Best for indoor & outdoor window cleaning.
  • Can clean heights of 45 feet with the provided cable.
  • Intelligent fall prevention holds the robot for 20 minutes without power.
  • Multi-surface cleaning: glass, tile, floor & marble.
  • It is perfectly suitable for frameless windows due to its Ball Sensors, which allow it to intelligently detect the edges of frameless glass and prevent the window cleaning robot from falling.
  • By adding the extension cord, the power cord can reach up to 4.3 meters long.
  • One button start, full-function remote control, brushless motor.


Robotic Function
Robotic Area Measurement Yes
Robotic Path Management Yes, 3X Better
Robotic Frameless Cleaning Yes, with Multiple Edge Sensors
Robotic Edge Cleaning Yes
Robotic Return to Origin Yes
Robotic Obstacle Sensing Yes
Robotic Fall Proof 1. Dual Suction Ring Safety Protection 2. Internal and External suction ring can support power of 3000pa. Which can withstand a vertical force of 6kg.
Robotic Suction Power Sensor Yes
Robotic Framed Cleaning Yes
Auto Cleaning Mode 3 (N, Z & N+Z )
Extra Fall Safety
Extra Safety 1 – Dual Suction Rings Dual Suction Rings for Safety Protection.
Extra Safety 2 – Real Time Monitoring If mains power goes the battery kicks in and can hold up to 20 minutes. Indicator Light will flash and an alarm
Extra Safety 3 – Low Battery Indication In case of low battery the Robot will stop & retain some back up. In case its out of reach, Remote can be used to bring it back up to a distance of 6.5 metres
Robotic Cleaning Functions
Cleaning Pattern The Seagull first measures a window’s dimensions, then it cleans from top to bottom in a back-and-forth pattern at a speed of 0.07m per second. It finishes by cleaning the perimeter before returning to the place around its starting position.
Cleanable Glass Thickness (mm) Minimum 5 mm- Maximum Unlimited
Frameless Glass Cleaning Can be used to clean frameless windows such glass doors, etc.
Cleaning Stages 3 stage. Wipe, Mop, Wipe
Glass Window Cleaning Yes
Glass Door Cleaning Yes
Glass Mirror Cleaning Yes
Thermopane Glass Cleaning Yes
Glass Guard Railings and Glass Shower Stalls Cleaning Yes
Cleaning Area Technically unlimited but depends upon length of Cord. Cleaning area should not be less than 60cm*45cm
Plain Glass Cleaning Yes 2 times faster
Working speed 2.5 Min/m²
Working noise (db) Less than 65dB
Temperature range Do not use the Appliance in extremely hot or cold environments (below 0℃/32℉or above 45℃/113 ℉)
Working Time Unlimited as connected to mains. Battery is just a back up
Mobility With Power Cord for higher working area, non tanglable. The cord measures 8-foot (2.24 metre) cable that plugs into any socket. Also included is 4m additional extension cord.
Mopping Pad Size 3 Mops. Wet Mop 230×190 mm
Remote Control for Window Robots
Remote control Range for window cleaner Works on RF. Working range 10 m. Better Performance is within 2m
Robotic Accessories
Main Unit/s All in One Module for Cleaning & Navigation
Power adapter (m) 1.3 m wire.Rated voltage AC 100-240v, 50/60 Hz, voltage , 1.6 A. Output – DC 15v, 3.0 A
Extension Cord (m) 4
Remote control for window cleaner Yes
Remote Control Battery 2x Aaa (1.5 Volt) Battery for Remote Control
Cleaning pads (set) 3N. One pair can last one year with 1 hour use daily. Washable
Cleaning Solution Bottle(ml) 1×100 ml bootle of cleaning solution
Bumper Cleaning Cloth Yes
Instruction Manual Yes
Body , Weight & Dimensions
Dimensions (mm) 216x216x70
Gross Weight (Kg) 3.6 Kg
Self Weight 1.35kg
Battery Technology Lithium
Time for Full Charge (hours) 3h
Product Warranty
Robot Warranty 1 Year comprehensive warranty.
Other Features
Module Composition All in One Module for Cleaning & Navigation

In the Box:

  • Main Unit
  • Adapter
  • Remote Control
  • Extension Cable – 1N
  • Cleaning Pads – 3N
  • Water spray bottle (small) -1N
  • Safety Rope – 1N
  • User Manual


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